Last Summer - The Weather Report

September 21 – 30, 2021

A group of international artists telling personal stories of our current environment installed as site-specific installations on Timespecific's land in New Mexico. Through the eye of the artist each video, sculpture and drawing describes catalyzing acts to protect the planet while sharing at the same time the local environment where the international artist lives and works. Integrating conceptual depth with a poetic formal sensibility and innovative processes this exhibit examines also the transition and contrasts between analog and digital worlds. Each happening is featured on-line to share this unique experience with the on-line community @timespecifics 

Participant Artists: 

Gaby Berglund Cardenas, Mola Cyan, Barry Gerson, Osiel Gonzalez, Jennifer McGrath & Isolde Kille, Wasis Tanata, Linda Sibio.