Choreography In Time And Space
A cryptic question appears in which each video is its own visual puzzle.
The concept to create this first collaborative film titled Choreography In Time And Space, developed by Timespecific, is creating a collage in film in order to offer important clues for understanding the microcosm that each artist is describing in their own visual language, edited and recombined by Isolde Kille into an expanded new context and reality, suggesting an unadulterated sense of being in the moment, the pursuit of a hidden self, momentarily yet perfectly suspended, during the time of the international pandemic.
36 artists from Germany, Latvia, Indonesia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, and the US contributed their individual video scenes. 
Rita Bard, New Mexico, USA
Gaby Berglund Cárdenas & Beverly Hayes, Gothenburg, Sweden
Cecelia Chapman, Massachusetts, USA
Robyn Ellenbogen, New York, USA
Kathleen Ferguson-Huntington, New Mexico, USA
Sachie Hayashi, New York, USA
Dasol Hong, New York, USA
Will Kaplan and Jessa Henschel, New York, USA
Helena Kauppila & Itir Sezik, Berlin, Germany
Linda Kozule, Riga, Latvia
Nina Kuo and Lorin Roser, New York, USA
Xavier Lopez, Washington, USA
Sandra March, Barcelona, Spain
Regina Masuhr, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Christina Mitrentse, London, UK
Pawel Pacholec, New York, USA
Diane Rolnick, New Mexico, USA
Linda Sibio, California, USA
Wavelength Art Collective from Bergen, Norway, Torild Stray, Anette Friedrich Johannessen, Ivan Andre Paulsen, Elisabeth Moberg, Mona Oddekalv, Enara Barnés Larrukert, Bergen, Norway
Elyandra Widharta, Indonesia
Sascha Windolph, Germany
Watugunung performance group from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 
Tanti Barbara, Lukas Priyo A, Bima Aldy S., Roni AW, Dedy S.
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